Why choose M&G?

M&G is one of the largest investors in both equities and fixed interest in the UK and Europe.

Our size and scale means that we have extensive research and analysis resources across all major markets that our fund managers can draw on to produce long-term returns for our clients.

The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested.



Your trusted partner

We are committed to helping you every step of the way, by providing outstanding service, regular contact and support you can rely on at all times, especially when you face business or market challenges.

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A history of firsts

M&G was established in 1931 and is one of the UK’s oldest and most highly regarded active investors. We have been at the forefront of investment thinking over the years, constantly seeking to develop our product range to provide the best investment opportunities for our investors.

Our investment firsts include:

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Global partners

At M&G, we take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to those needs through a combination of global capabilities and local market perspectives. It’s an approach that has seen us become one of Europe’s largest active investors.

Active investment management

We believe that markets are not efficient. Whatever the economic conditions, our view is that there are always opportunities to be found for the investor who knows where to look.

Focus on the long-term

One of our core principles in equity investment is that we are focused on investing in companies rather than chasing short-term share price movements. We are committed to long-term relationships with the companies in which we invest and realise that even the best businesses can suffer dips in their fortunes from time to time.

Freedom to act on conviction

Our fund managers are free from the restrictions of a rigid house style. This allows them to act on their convictions.

In-house analysis and support

At M&G our fund managers are able to draw on the skills and research of an extensive in-house team of credit and equity and analysts, as well as the significant support of their dedicated investment specialists. Backed by a team of support staff the fund managers can concentrate on what they do best, making  investment choices for your clients.

Typical Fund Team Structure

Responsible investing at M&G

At M&G, we have been investing money for individual and institutional clients for more than 80 years and our principles of investing for the long-term, responsible stewardship of our assets and active fund management have been the bedrock of our approach throughout.

Responsible investing at M&G

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The value of investments will fluctuate, which will cause fund prices to fall as well as rise and you may not get back the original amount you invested.