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2019 OCT

M&G Investments


Don’t fall prey to investment scams

From simple cons to elaborate schemes, attempts to prise away your hard-earned money are nothing new. Yet there are arguably more windows of opportunity for scammers today than ever.

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Alex Araujo


An introduction to the M&G (Lux) Global Themes Fund

In this short video, Fund Manager Alex Araujo explains his approach to thematic investing and elaborates on the four core themes which drive his long-term strategy: demographics, environment, infrastructure and innovation.

Please note, the value of the fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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2019 JUL

M&G Investments


M&G (Lux) North American Dividend Fund: Diversified sources of alpha

US equities reached record highs, driven by technology-related stocks. The fund outperformed the S&P 500 Index and added value across a broad range of sectors. Dividends continue to rise in the US market, with most of the fund’s holdings delivering growth in the region of 5-15%.

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2019 JUN


M&G investments


M&G (Lux) Investment Funds 1 Prospectus Update

We are making changes to a number of sub-funds of M&G (Lux) Investment Funds 1.

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Michael Bourke


M&G (Lux) Emerging Markets Income Opportunities Fund - Aiming for income and capital growth

The fund invests in emerging market corporate bonds and equities and is designed to generate income and capital growth. Emerging market bonds and equities are complementary assets and blending them in a portfolio offers diversification and can reduce volatility. Despite the market turbulence in the two years since the fund’s launch in May 2017, the fund has been resilient and achieved a positive absolute outcome reflecting its focus on the delivery of income.

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Juan Nevado & Craig Moran


Q&A with Fund Managers Juan Nevado & Craig Moran

Over the longer term, the M&G (Lux) Dynamic Allocation Fund and M&G (Lux) Conservative Allocation Fund have generated robust returns. However, we acknowledge that near-term performance has been challenging. In this note, Fund Managers Juan Nevado and Craig Moran discuss market volatility during May and explain why fundamental indicators convince them to continue to back the strong valuation signals.

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M&G Investments


Changes to M&G’s fund charges

Starting on Thursday 1 August 2019, we are simplifying the way we charge for M&G funds based in the UK. These changes will not increase the charges you pay for your funds. Depending on the M&G fund(s) in which you invest, the charges you pay may fall.

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The collective investment schemes referred to in this document (the "Schemes") are open-ended investment companies with variable capital, incorporated in England and Wales. Société Générale, Paris, Zurich Branch, Talacker 50, P.O. Box 5070, 8021 Zurich acts as the Swiss representative of the Schemes (the "Swiss Representative") andacts as their Swiss paying agent. The Instrument of Incorporation, Prospectus, the Key Investor Information Document, as well as the annual or interim Investment Report and Financial Statements of the Schemes (each in their respective latest version approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, in German) can be obtained free of charge from the Swiss Representative in Zurich.

The value of the fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.

This financial promotion is issued by M&G International Investments S.A.