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2017 JUL

Fund updates

Leonard Vinville


Reaping the benefits of asymmetric returns for 10 years

The M&G Global Convertible Fund was launched on 13 July 2007. During the subsequent 10-year period, Fund Manager Léonard Vinville and his team have successfully navigated through what, at times, have been very turbulent waters, and delivered first-quartile returns since inception1. In Léonard’s opinion, convertibles remain a valuable investment proposition, particularly in the current uncertain environment, and he is confident that his consistent investment process has the ability to sustain the fund’s robust performance.

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Ritu Vohora


Equities Market Perspective

Investment Director Ritu Vohora, reviews how equities performed across the different sectors with central banks being the theme this month.

For a quick snapshot of the equity market over the past month and our latest theme, please download our Equities market perspective note.

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2017 JUN


M&G Retail Fixed Interest


Explaining duration

Duration, or interest rate risk, is a key consideration in fixed income investing. In simple terms, duration is a measure of how sensitive a bond’s price (or the value of a bond fund) is to changes in interest rates. Along with credit risk – the risk of an issuer defaulting on its loan repayments – changes in interest rates and bond yields can have a major impact on the investment performance of bonds.

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2017 MAY


M&G Retail Fixed Interest Team


Fixed income investing in a rising inflation environment

With inflation showing early signs of a comeback over the first few months of 2017, how should fixed income investors go about positioning their portfolio to guard against a further pick-up in consumer prices? In this note, we outline a variety of fixed income strategies which could help mitigate the negative impact of rising inflation.

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Fund updates

M&G Global Emerging Markets Fund


The opportunity for value in emerging markets

Value as an investment style has underperformed in emerging markets for several years. As a result, we believe there are currently opportunities for value-focused investors, particularly in economically sensitive areas. With valuations looking attractive relative to developed markets and improving company fundamentals, we are optimistic about the outlook for emerging markets.

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