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Here you can find insights, thought leadership and market commentaries, compiled by our expert teams.


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2017 JUL



A guide to long lease real estate

Assets that produce secure, long-dated income with inflation protection are becoming ever more valuable for long-term institutional investors. Long lease real estate investments, which aim to generate secure income from long-term leases to high quality tenants, offer an attractive solution.

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2017 JUN


M&G Real Estate


Asia Pacific Property Outlook

The outlook for Asia Pacific growth has improved and the region is expected to lead globally, but this largely depends upon China.

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Infrastructure equity – The Infracapital approach


In this video brief, Carolyn Pearce, Investor Relations Director for Infracapital, the infrastructure equity arm of M&G, outlines Infracapital’s approach to investing in infrastructure equity and explains the unique position that Infracapital enjoys in the market.

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Investing in infrastructure equity? – The what, why & how

Carolyn Pearce, Investor Relations Director for Infracapital, the infrastructure equity arm of M&G, answers some questions that explain Infracapital’s approach to successful investing in infrastructure.

Carolyn also lifts the lid on how Infracapital seeks out the opportunities to deliver stable cashflows and long-term value to investors.

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Multi-asset investing for pension funds – part 2

In part 2 of this article, Dave Fishwick, head of multi-asset investing at M&G, concludes his discussion on the growth of pension fund demand for multi-asset strategies with a note of caution.

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Multi-asset investing for Pension funds – part 1

Dave Fishwick, head of multi-asset investing at M&G, discusses how pension fund demand for multi-asset strategies has increased over the past two decades as investment needs have changed.

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2017 APR



How can real assets help income-seeking institutional investors?

Institutional investors, particularly pension funds, are interested in alternative approaches to generating the income necessary to meet their long-term liabilities. Investments in real assets, such as infrastructure and real estate, can capture a number of attractive features.

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M&G Insights


Comparing the investment cases for European and US leveraged loans

Leveraged loans offer investors a broad and relatively liquid market of private, sub-investment grade debt that can deliver attractive returns with lower volatility compared with public markets.

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M&G investments


Impact investing: a growing market for institutional investors

The world requires investment on a huge scale to address environmental and social challenges, such as carbon emissions, disease and poverty. As such, impact investing – investing to achieve social or environmental benefits in addition to attractive returns – is a growing area and, given increasing constraints on public resources, mobilising private investment is imperative.

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