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2017 SEP


M&G Real Estate


Are you being paid for the risk you take in Euro high yield?

Yield levels in the European High Yield markets have been driven down to levels that can scarcely be considered 'high'. In the process, spreads are at, or approaching, the historically low levels witnessed prior to the financial crisis that began in 2007.

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Ritu Vohora


Equities Market Perspective: Time to look at opportunities in Japanese equities?

Japanese equities are offering exposure to a combination of strong earnings growth, a favourable policy-mix, plenty of support from domestic growth drivers and an accommodative central bank. In this month’s update, Ritu Vohora, Investment Director looks at why the case for Japan is the strongest it has been in many years.

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2017 AUG



Equities Market Perspective: Cyclicals take firm grip on leadership of equities rally

The style leadership of the equities rally continues to alternate between defensives and cyclicals, with the direction of bond yields a key driver. In this month’s update, Ritu Vohora, Investment Director at M&G Investments, explores the momentum behind cyclicals’ current rally.

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M&G Investments


Our flagship long lease property fund celebrates its ten year anniversary

This month we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the launch of the M&G Secured Property Income Fund (SPIF).

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M&G Investments


The importance of corporate governance in emerging markets

Corporate governance should be a key consideration when investing in emerging markets as it can influence a company's share-price performance. In this video, Robert Secker, Investment Director in the M&G Equities team, discusses the importance of assessing how companies are run and finding firms that are focused on creating value for all their shareholders.

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2017 JUL


M&G Real Estate


UK Real Estate Outlook – July 2017

UK economic growth has moderated, but performance potential is supported by long term fundamentals.

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A guide to long lease real estate

Assets that produce secure, long-dated income with inflation protection are becoming ever more valuable for long-term institutional investors. Long lease real estate investments, which aim to generate secure income from long-term leases to high quality tenants, offer an attractive solution.

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